The global platform for sharing best practice on crisis management and resilience planning in the travel and tourism industries

The Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council was formed by Jacobs Media Group in association with a number of national governments to create an essential partner and resilience expert for anyone in the travel and tourism industries.

The council has its roots in the International Travel Crisis Management Summit, which was created in 2016 to bring together public and private stakeholders in the travel industry to address challenges and response to crises and disasters, both man-made and environmental, and share best practice and information across destinations and industries.

Following the success of the ITCMS in London, the concept evolved with the first Resilience Through Tourism Summit taking place in Amman, Jordan in 2018 with the support of USAID and the Jordanian government.

This was followed by the Resilience Council’s first Asian Resilience Summit, which took place in Nepal, and the first African Resilience Summit, which took place in South Africa, in 2019.

The Resilience Council works in partnership with leading industry figures and organisations, and is supported by multiple governments around the world, including Jordan, South Africa, Jamaica, Greece and Nepal.

It is co-chaired by Jamaica’s tourism minister Edmund Bartlett and Dr Taleb Rifai, former secretary general of the UNWTO, and is overseen by Jacobs Media Group’s international partnerships team under the leadership of director Daniela Wagner.